Dawnise Marie Keller

John (Sean) Michael Keller: Spent the last 13 years in the United States Navy as a Information Systems Technician, recently separated from the Navy take care of his wife and 3 children. Currently Working as an IT Systems Administrator at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach California. Matty was dada’s little computer helper. When dada would work on computers, Matty was always there to help. Even if it was just to help drive dada nuts.

Dawnise Marie Keller: Originally obtained her AA degree in sign language but instead choose to be a full time wife and devoted mother to her 3 children, Stewart-Glenn, Mackenzie, and Baby Matthew. Along with taken care of the regular day to day House hold chores, Dawnise also home schools as well. Matty was my little shadow. He would need to know where mama was at all time .He would go where ever I would go. If I had to go run errands he was always there with me.

John Michael Keller

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Stewart-Glenn Olaf Keller: Stew-Glenn was named after all three of his Great Grandfathers, which is why it is such a mouthful. As you can see he is devoted not only to Baby Matthew but his baby sister as well. Stew-Glenn loved to cuddle with Matty while they watched a movie. Matty would also try to help his big brother in whatever Stew-Glenn was working on.

Stewart-Glenn Olaf Keller with Baby Matthew

Mackenzie Vera Keller: Mackenzie (Or Kenzie) is pretty much known as the “princess” as dubbed by her Great Grandfather. As far as Kenzie is concerned Baby Matthew is “HER Baby” and her Momma only had given birth to him for her. Baby Matthew idolizes his sister and cries whenever she would get scolded around him. Kenzie is also very close to her cousin Paige who is only 1 year younger than her, whenever the two of them are together, disaster usually follows.

Mackenzie Vera Keller

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