Brought to you by his Family

Pray 4 Matthew

 Matthew’s Hospital Photo Gallery

These are Photo's that the family has taken of Matthew, along with other members of the family, since the accident on August 8th of this year. We hope that by showing these pictures we can continue to share in our love of Matthew for those who have prayed and kept him in their thoughts.

This picture was taken the night of August 12th, after we had been told that Matthew only had between one to two days to live. This was also the first time Dawnise was able to sleep with Matthew since the accident.

When Matty decided to stay with us the following morning our daughter Mackenzie wanted to see Matthew with clothes on. So we got him a little hospital gown and Grammoo showed MacKenzie how peaceful Matthew was.

Stew-Glenn giving his brother a hug and good night kiss from PICU. This is usually a nightly ritual between him and his Baby brother.

Great Grandma (AKA Renny) with her favorite eating partner. Normally you can spot Renny shoveling food into Matthew’s mouth so he will continue to sit on her lap.

This was very important to me, to signify the importance of my family being together and my love for all of them at this crucial time.

Grammoo and Renny, may the power of a Grandparent’s love for their Grandchild, help him to heal and fully come back to us.

A Family picture with a very special person, the children’s Nana (Dawnise’s Sister Deonna).

Stew-Glenn has been able to express his frustrations and concerns about Matthew thru his best friend Lorrena.

These photo’s are of Dawnise’s cousin Brent and his wife Andrea who were able to take time off work and fly out from Hawaii to come and see Baby Matthew. Brent is currently serving in our active armed forces (United States Navy) and Andrea teaches were Brent is currently stationed.

Brent and Andrea with Matthew

Andrea and Grammoo with Matthew

These are pictures of Dadda holding Matthew after the accident. Before holding him he had finally finished giving him the bath that he never finished on the day of the accident.

This is Momma’s first time holding Matthew after the accident. This greatly helps Momma’s nerves.

Matthew’s Webpage Selections

Here is a picture of Matthew listening to Baby Einstein Music. His favorite cd was the Mozart. Everyone thought he looked so cute with his headphones on. I just thought how grown up he was starting to look. This was on September 28, 2005