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Rebecca Dennison

October 25th, 2005











Matthew’s family would like to express our sincerest condolences to Dan and Addrienne Dennison for the loss of their 8 month old Baby Girl Rebecca.

           Rebecca was one of Matthew’s Roommates while he was in the Hospital at the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) at the Kaiser Hospital in Sunset.

Rebecca’s Mom, Addrienne and Dawnise (Matthew’s Mom) became friends and a means of emotional support as the two mother’s kept vigilance over their baby’s health. Addrienne was also very supportive to Dawnise when our son Matthew finally went to the lord 27 days early and has kept in constant contact with Dawnise ever since. As with Matthew, Dan and Addrienne fought bravely with their daughter to keep her alive and at home while being told by the medical establishment that if Rebecca lived that she would eventually have to be put into a home, an answer that Rebecca’s Parents nor Matthew’s when given the same information would find acceptable.

           On October 25th, at around 8:30pm, after her 8 month fight since birth to keep her little heart going and heal from her injuries that she had received to her brain due to one of the times when her heart stopped beating, Rebecca went to join our son Matthew, so they would be Roommates once again in the kingdom of heaven.

           Dan and Addrienne: I know from the loss of Matthew that there are no words that can be said to ease the suffering or take the pain away from the loss of your daughter. Please know that both Dawnise and I are here for you, as we also grieve for your loss as we grieve for our loss of Matthew.

           If any of Matthew’s Supporters would like to send Rebecca’s Parents, Dan and Addrienne any e-mails of support or understanding please click (HERE) and we will forward them to Rebecca’s parents.

           Rebecca’s website can be viewed at for those who would like to share in Rebecca’s life.


Thank You!

          Matthew’s Family




 A very special thank you to matty’s wonderful friends that live next door to us. They are 4 of the most caring girls who loved him very much. They would came to visit him at the hospital.   Their mom loved our kids as her own and was always there to help us, when ever we needed any help. I just don't know what we would have done without our special neighbors.