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Downloading Matthew’s PowerPoint Presentation

October 8th, 2005












When you click on this link you are given the option to either “Open” the File or “Download” The file. It is highly recommended that due to the size pf the presentation (135MB) that you chose the “Download” Option, especially for Matty’s Dial Up Internet Supporters. Once Downloaded to the Hard Drive of your Work or Home PC please view the presentation to your hearts delight and if you do not own a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint please  download the free viewer as well.









The Beattitudes song link.

September 5th, 2005

When you click to the link of “Healer Of Our Hearts” the link will take you to the site that the song is hosted on, just click the MP3 version of the song. This will direct you to a new page were it will ask you to register as a new user (listening only). There is no charge and it is legal. Once you have completed the registration process you can then click the link and it will play the song with no other obstacles.








Attention AOL Users!

September 4th, 2005

If you are using the AOL browser that comes with your ISP (Internet Provider, AOL) It most likely does not support .JPG viewing (type of format, usually a picture). This is most likely why some of Matty’s Supporters have not been able to view the pictures on his website. Please try using the most current version of Internet Explorer to see if this will rectify the problem. Since Internet Explorer comes with whatever version of Windows you may own it should be readily available. Please let me know if this does not correct the viewing problem of Matthew’s Pictures.










New Features to make your webpage viewing easier!

September 1st, 2005

I have added a “Matthews Webpage Selection” box at the top of Matthew’s webpage selections to make your choice’s easier to choose. Also, if you see any word in Matthew’s webpage that you see your mouse arrow turn in a hand, just click and it will take you to the page mentioned in Matthew’s article! Remember, If any of Matthew’s supporters out there on how to make your website viewing experience easier just click on the webmaster link located on the homepage.



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