September 12th, 11:00 PM From Matty’s Dadda.


Dear Friends and Family,


I can say that God was honestly watching over Matthew today, for many reasons. One has you may or may not know Los Angeles lost an entire power grid witch knocked power down from about the San Fernando Valley to about the 10 Freeway. The hospital was on its own power generator today for a couple of hours, this delayed him being looked over by radiology for his surgery on the 14th. When they finally did get him down there radiology was a little to enthusiastic moving Mathew around, this caused his chest tube that was keeping his oxygen to expel to pop out prematurely. Needless to say that his doctor, nurse, and when I was told me, were not very happy about this. Both his Nurse and doctor put in a complaint on the department for reprimand.

The Good news is (At least so far) he is doing fine without the chest tube, his doctor is keeping him on 100 percent oxygen just for tonight to make sure he is alright, but he is still breathing on his own. We are all just praying that this will not end up being another set back for Matthew.


A lot was happening in the PICU ward that kept the staff busy including a code blue with one of Matthew’s room mates, this along with other things is starting to take its toll on Dawnise. I am hoping that with prayer and encouragement I can keep her focused until this part of the trial passes.


As always, we appreciate all your prayers and your words of encouragement. God bless all the Mom’s as they watch over there fighting Baby’s.




September 14th, 11:00 PM From Matty’s Dadda.


Dear Friends and Family,


Over the last 48 hours Matthew has been doing really well and keeping his oxygen at room air most of the time. As I have said before he will exert some of his personality and throw the numbers off a little bit but he recoups after throwing his little tantrum.


Matthew’s Surgery for September 14th, Has been postponed until September 16th at 9AM in morning. The surgery before him ran a lot longer than originally expected (went on for over 5 hours) so he was rescheduled to a more open time slot where they would not be rushed for Matthew. If all goes well he should be only be in for 2 hours.


As always, we appreciate all your continued prayers and your words of encouragement.





September 18th, 12:00 AM From Matty’s Grandmoo.


Dear Friends and Family,


Here I sit in front of the computer with not one week having gone by, but two.  Our little Matthew is still in the PICU.  The week of September 4-10th was really a rough week with a lot of very difficult and frustrating days with some good moments scattered thru out the week.  This past week 11th-17th, however, we have a lot to thank the Lord for.  Over all, Matthew's numbers have been much better and on Friday, Sept. 16th, they finally were able to put Matthew' feeding tube in.  He did great during the surgery and the last day and a half has gone very good.  He has to wait 48 hours before they can start giving him any food thru the tube. 


Dawnise is getting better everyday at figuring out Matthew's needs.  One of the reasons Matthew's heart rate has been going up and his oxygen level has gone down, is at the time he is having muscle spasms.  He is also getting a lot more sensitive to noise and touch.  We (the family) feel he is not in as deep a coma as he was a few weeks ago.  However, the Dr's. just smile at us.  We are praising the Lord for all he is doing.  Matthew has his eyes open a fair amount of the time now.  For what it is worth he opens them when people start touching him or move him.  We think every move is worth a lot yet once again the staff just smiles.  Both Matthew's eyes have started moving but they are not working together at the sometime.  They will move to the side we are talking to him from.  I can't tell you how that makes us feel, or, I guess most of you are able to feel some of what we do when you read the updates.  Also, Matthew has started being a little more agitated a couple times a day and it seems to me at the same time each day.  Dawnise realized the other day that if falls around the time he would have his fussy spells at home.  (Take it for what it is worth) 


Matthew has also started having a couple facial changes.  He will make an expression like he is pouting and then a tear will run down his face.  We just continue to praise the Lord and look forward to the day we can take Matthew back in to see all of the PICU staff and show what a wonderful miracle and witness the Lord made with Matthew.  I am amazed at how much strength the Lord has given little Matthew to fight with.  He is sure one strong kid.  We love him so much and are so proud of him. 


About a little over a week ago Dawnise called me and told me to listen.  I sat there and it wasn't long and I heard a few baby sounds.  I almost cried.  I asked her if that was Matthew and she said yes and they were coming from his mouth.  He did that for a couple of days and then with all that was going on he has seemed to stop for now.


Ole and I are sure having memories come back to us of what it was like when our three kids were small.  We are spending many hours each week with the three other grandkids.  We see that Stew-Glenn gets to his basketball practice each Tuesday and then to his youth group each Wednesday evening at his church.  Then on Saturday Ole get Stew-Glenn to his basketball game and I go into the hospital so Dawnise is able to leave and get to the game before it starts.  Stew-Glenn is staying with us 6 nights a week so we can work with him on his school work.  Dawnise is trying very hard to be able to continue her home schooling program.  We pray that in time the Lord will guide and show Dawnise what areas she will be able to maintain and where she may need to make a few changes.  Ole and I are very proud of how she has been able to keep her family together these past several weeks.  Deonna, our other daughter, has been having Kenzie over night 5 to 6 nights a week.  Before she started back to school (many of you know she is a teacher) she had Kenzie full time.  Usually on Saturday night Kenzie wants to spend the night at home with her Dada and Stew-Glenn either stays at home or stays over night at his friends house.  Sunday morning Sean sees that the kids get to church.

Thank you again for your prayers and as in the past we asked that you continue praying for our whole family.


Every morning before I even get out of bed I ask the Lord to give me the strength and knowledge I will need to get me thru the day.


Take care and God Bless,


Love, Char and Ole


P.S.  We just had more prayer cards printed for Matthew.  If you would be able to pass some more out please let us know and we will get them to you.



September 19th, 12:00 AM From Matty’s Dadda.


Dear Friends and Family,


Matty had a little bit of a rough day on Saturday, he kept exerting his personality (As I call it) and try to throw his oxygen and get his heartbeat up. We also believe that some of it was caused by pain in witch they gave him Morphine for the first 24 hours.


Today he was much more relaxed (As shown in his picture) and was much better. The next step on the road to Wellsville is to re-introduce him to foods again via his new feeding tube. This should start sometime Monday, from there we will find the out the next step.


As always, we appreciate all your continued prayers and your words of encouragement.




September 25th, 12:10 AM From Matty’s Grandmoo.


Dear Friends and Family,


Here we are again with our update on our grandson, Matthew.  This has been a great week for us.  I have enjoyed everyone of my visits with him.  What a good boy he has been.  As of today Matthew is now on bolis feeding.  (This means that he is no longer on the feeding machine)  We are able to put the food directly into the tube ourselves, which can take between 10 to 20 minutes.  Then they give him 3 hours to digest it.  He is doing just great.  The plans are to try to get him to 3 or 4 feedings a day.


Matthew's central line has been removed and he is completely off the respirator.  Oxygen is available only if needed.  Matthew has also been taken off of all his blood pressure medicine this past week.  The Dr's are trying to get all the meds balanced that he will need to take when he comes home.  This week I think they have finally found the combination of the muscle relaxant and the sedative that he needs to keep his muscle spasms under control. 

Matthew continues to have his little temper and sure knows how to let everyone know when he is not pleased with what we are trying to do.  Some of the nurses get nervous with Matthew when they first start working with him, as his face will turn as red as a tomato.  We just smile and let them know he is not happy with them at that moment.


Friday I was able to spend several hours with Matthew.  What a great day we had.  His eyes were opened most of the time.  As he would wake up, I am sure he was trying to yawn and stretch.  It was not the stiff jerky move he has with his muscle spasms.  Time will tell and I am busy praising the Lord for every move I see.  The last few days his eyes have been very clear. 


Ole and I spent a couple of hours at the hospital this afternoon so Dawnise was able to have a little time to herself.  Matthew was just perfect for us.  We are beginning to feel that every time we see him, he is a little closer to coming out of the coma.  The last couple of visits he has had tears coming down his cheeks.  We sure wonder what he is trying to tell us.


Tomorrow as soon as church is over Ole and I are going to relieve Dawnise at the hospital.  This way she can spend several hours with Sean and their other two kids.  Stew-Glenn and Kenzie sure miss having Mama around all the time.  I can't wait for tomorrow as we can now hold Matthew whenever we want to.  This is possible now that he only has his trach and feeding tube in.  Praise the Lord!!  Dawnise and I can't tell you how much we have prayed to have him in our arms again. 


As I close for now, I once again want to thank all of your for your thoughts and prayers.  PLEASE keep them coming.


Take care and God Bless.


Love, Charlotte and Ole 



September 28th, 12:30 AM From Matty’s Dadda.


Dear Friends and Family,


Due to a pretty bad bout with a congestive infection I picked up last Thursday I have not been able to see Matthew, just to make sure I do not risk passing him my germs, instead I been laid up for pretty much 5 days straight. However Matthew’s Momma has been very good in keeping me abreast of his condition.


Matthew’s feeding tube has been going really good, from what I have been told he has been able to keep about 95% of his foods down with no problem. As always when everything is going so good there is always something bound to take us back a step. The doctor’s ended up having to put Matthew back on the vent again because of a lot of mucus build up one of his lungs has been having, The good news is that it has nothing to do that he is not breathing on his own. The Doctor’s just want to work around get all the crap out of his one lung.


During the last 2 months of Matty’s War against the battle of fighting the parts of his body that needs to be motivated to work on there own and sometimes having to be assisted in reminding them of their functions. I come to realize that this is just like when in any battle that we fight to obtain a important gain, there will be long put out effort, strategies to be planned, maybe glorious victories (progress), and like with any war eventual defeats in those battles we may have fought (setbacks). If we use this way of thinking as a model to Matthew’s progress then I do not feel as helpless and make time my friend instead of the enemy. If a war that is worth fighting you must seek your most important ally, for me that was and is patience.


I only wish it had not taken me so long to seek this ally, for my wife has had this ally long since before this war, and she has never given up on him or Matthew. But then again in all fairness, she has always been a better person than me anyways.


As always, we appreciate all your continued prayers and your words of encouragement.




 September 30th, 1:29 AM From Matty’s Grandmoo.


Dear Friends and Family,


This is the hardest email I have had to send out.  At 9:51 P.M. tonight, Thursday, September 29th Our Lord called Matthew home.  Our family was all able to be at the bedside when he passed.  I will try to send out more information later but at this time I am having a very rough time with it.


We want to thank all of you for your prayers and ask that you please continue to keep our WHOLE family in prayer, especially Dawnise and Sean.


Take care and God Bless.


Ole and Charlotte


October 5th, 12:10 AM From Matty’s Grandmoo.


Dear Friends and Family,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this off to you.  These past
several days have been very difficult for all of us.  I understand why our
loving Lord gave us these last two months with Matthew.  If Matthew had
passed away sooner, I think you would have found me running away.  I just could not understand what was happening.  As I look back at all the
wonderful things Matthew has helped happen and how much witnessing he has done I am really amazed.  The Lord really had a plan for Matthew and he was able to touch more lives, in his short life, than I know I will in my lifetime.  I thank Matthew so much for being the little fighter he was.  He really gave us some very precious time with him. I should probably be honored that the Lord chose our precious Grandson to
touch so many lives, but the human part of me just won't let that happen at
this time.  I would give anything to be able to hold him, and rub his arms
and legs again.  We have been left with such a hole in our heart. I sure thank the Lord for our other three grandchildren.  I don't know what
we would do without them. We will be having a Celebration of Matthew's live service on Friday, October 7 at 11:00 A.M.  The service will take place at Calvary Lutheran Church. Following the service will be a short graveside service and then we will be going to Osborne Neighborhood Church for the celebration luncheon. Stew-Glenn wanted so bad to have a big home coming party for Matthew when he
returned home so we have promised him he can have his party at the luncheon.
The grandchildren have just been wonderful.  My heart really breaks for
Stew-Glenn as he is 7 1/2 years old.  Stew-Glenn was such a proud big
brother. For those of you that live in the area and would like me to give you more details on the service please email or contact us and we will get back with you.  We would love to have as many of you attend the service as possible. Ole and I continue to need the love and support we have been receiving from all of you for these past two months. This weekend I will get a note off to all of you regarding the service.  I will also try to let you know a little bit about Matthew's last couple of days.  What a precious baby he was.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Take care and God Bless.

Ole and Charlotte 


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